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Tax Planning and Preparation

At RBSK Partners, the service area most used by the majority of our clients is tax planning and preparation. Proper tax planning can identify cost-saving opportunities to minimize your tax burden. Our services in this area include:

  • Offering comprehensive tax planning services on an annual or more frequent basis
  • Identifying the significant events in your life that have tax consequences
  • Recommending effective strategies that will enable you to eliminate, minimize, or defer taxes associated with such events
  • Assisting you with effectively implementing the tax planning strategies


The overall economic results should also be considered before implementing a tax planning strategy. While tax considerations may be significant, the economics should also drive the decision-making process. We will assist you with those considerations as well.


Every individual and business owner is faced with government compliance obligations. Our services in this area include:

  • Tax return preparation for C and S Corporations, Partnerships, Limited Liability Companies
  • Tax return preparation for trusts and estates and to manage gift taxes
  • Preparation of personal property tax forms for Indiana, Kentucky, Ohio, and other states
  • Preparation of individual tax returns, including Schedules C, E, and F in conjunction with sole proprietorships
  • Preparation of all state tax returns in connection with federal returns, including multi-state filings
  • Assistance in responding to tax notices received by the federal and/or state governments
  • Representation before the IRS and state governments regarding audit issues
  • Assistance with and preparation of tax-exempt status applications for not-for-profit organizations and preparation of annual tax returns
  • Assistance in researching tax issues using our extensive library of on-line tax research tools


Sometimes, tax planning opportunities arise as tax returns are being prepared. We are on the lookout for those too.


Tax laws and tax forms change every year. We at RBSK Partners pride ourselves in keeping up with these changes as they occur by attending numerous seminars, reading periodicals and updates from tax service publishers and providing in-house seminars and training sessions to our staff. We also keep our clients abreast of such changes through mailings, our e-newsletter and conferences.


RBSK Partners has teamed up with TASC, a third-party administrator, to assist clients with establishing health care plans that can help them save substantial amounts in taxes.  You can read more about this on our BizPlan page.


Local Nursery

"Jackson's Nursery has been a client of RBSK Partners for many years. We value the service we receive from their firm in both the corporate and personal tax areas. We appreciate their attention to detail and the quality of work they provide. We highly recommend RBSK to help meet your tax and accounting needs."


Rhonda Jackson

Jackson's Nursery