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According to statistics provided by the Secretary of Commerce, small manufacturers employ over 65% of the U.S.'s manufacturing workforce and produce over half of all that is made by U.S. manufacturers.

The manufacturing clients served by RBSK Partners are very diverse and vary in size and ownership. Ownership ranges from a typical single family to entities that have foreign parent company shareholders.

This industry is affected by unique areas of tax law and due to the significance of inventory and cost of goods, financial reporting can be challenging. Listed below are areas that provide planning opportunities and require specialized knowledge:

  • Choice of entity and possible separation of activities in different forms of entities
  • Accounting method selection
  • Accounting for inventories
  • Section 263a (UNICAP)
  • Revenue recognition (WIP and long-term contracts)
  • Research and development costs and credits
  • Depreciation policies for GAAP and tax
  • Domestic production activities deduction
  • Foreign withholding tax
  • Sales and use tax issues
  • Personal property tax returns and special exemptions



The manufacturing sector is very capital intensive which means that there are equity investors and lenders that require good financial reporting. RBSK Partners works with many financial institutions and is experienced in providing all levels of financial reporting including Compilations, Reviews and Audits. In addition to providing year-end reporting, RBSK Partners has had great success in assisting its manufacturing clients in the setup and maintenance of a good interim financial reporting system.



We work hard to stay abreast of developments that affect our manufacturing clients. We also assist them with their tax, bookkeeping, payroll, information technology and financing needs.

Custom Machine Manufacturer

"We are impressed with the experienced staff at RBSK Partners. They go beyond just reporting on our financials and preparing tax returns. We lean on their expertise for sound tax planning recommendations and to supplement our internal accounting function."


"We lean on RBSK's expertise to supplement our internal accounting function."

Robert Jennings, CEO

Service Engineering, Inc.