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More News Services Services logoDo you…

  • Pay more than 10 bills each month?
  • Are disorganized today, but have a desire for more efficiency?
  • Want better cash flow management?
  • Don’t have a dedicated employee looking after their billing?
  • Are growing too fast and need help managing back-office functions?

If you said “yes” to any of those questions, we’d like to offer you a solution…our services.

What is

A cloud-based, bookkeeping platform that makes working with your accountant (us) fast, simple, and efficient. It automates tedious tasks, gets you paid faster electronically, and integrates with your accounting software to fit your workflow.

As a business owner, do you spend hours dealing with payment headaches like…

  • Remembering when bills are due?
  • Printing, signing, and mailing stacks of checks?

Is your bill pay process separate from your accounting workflow; so, you...

  • Enter data twice—once when in a banking system or entering by hand and all over again in the accounting software?
  • Make manual input error, which can be costly and time-consuming to fix?

Here are some of the top benefits our clients experience from using this service. Services Client Benefits

Why outsource bill management to our firm?

  • This process is paper-intensive, manual, and error-prone as it involves juggling data multiple times in multiple places.
  • And, what happens when you make a mistake? Systems don’t match up; balances are off; and cash flow is negatively impacted—wasting time.
  • What’s worse is that you can do everything right and still be at risk of fraud any time you’re sending checks as payment.
  • will do the hard work; so, you get the benefits—better insights into your cash flow; more time to run your business; and less hassle and risk.


We use ourselves, which delivers benefits above and beyond standard outsourcing, including:

  • No more paperwork—just make sure your bills get uploaded into, and we’ll take it from there. Email, scan, fax…it’s easy.
  • All you need to do it approve the bill when we let you know it’s ready. You can do this anywhere, any time using the web or a mobile app.
  • The bills are paid timely, accurately, and are perfectly documented.
  • You’ve removed the headache, reduced your risk, and gained control of your cash flow and payment process. 

If you're ready to make a move to a more efficient, less challenging way to do business, give us a call